Switching to Chrome causes part of TotalFinder window to appear

OSX 10.9.2, TotalFinder 1.6

If I have a finder window open but not the active application - then I switch from non-Finder application to Chrome, the Finder window comes to the front of the screen and doesn’t display the tab bar. If you click on the Finder window, the tab bar pops in, but I didn’t want it to come to the front in the first place, as I didn’t click on it.

How do you “switch from non-Finder to Chrome” ? Using CMD+TAB or via mouse or using some utility? Please give me an example of one app non-Finder app. I will try to reproduce it here.

It often happens from Photoshop, sometimes from Coda. Mouse click or Cmd+Tab produces the same results. It is hit or miss, I’m having trouble consistently reproducing, but most often from Photoshop or Coda switching to Chrome.

I have been unable to reproduce it with Coda so far under 10.9.3 and TotalFinder 1.6.

I wonder if Photoshop could be the issue here. During that switch operation Finder window must be getting some kind of non-standard activation event (directly - bypassing TotalFinder frame window).

Anything strange reported in the Console.app?