Synchronize directories

Is there a way to synchronise directories like in Total Commander ?

Not currently. I have created a feature request in your name so I can follow up, but since there are a lot of good syncing solutions on the market, I would consider this a lower priority for me. Syncing is a big job, you’re trusting me to keep your data safe, so I wouldn’t want to half-ass it.

Thanks for your reply.
If it takes a lot of work to make, I can understand that you rather not do it. I can manage with the tools I have now.
Until now I used Compare Folders to see the difference en Total Finder to sync the folders. I see there are other tools that can sync as well as show. Can have a look at them. But It would be handy (lazy me, just having to use one tool) to have just one tool to view, sync and rename (use Renamer for that) files, like in Total Commander for Windows.