TF 1.10.2 fails in High Sierra 10.13 after re-enabling SIP


I find that my 14-day trial copy of TF 1.10.2 fails in High Sierra 10.13 after re-enabling SIP on my Mac Pro 5,1 (mid-2010) . It works perfectly with SIP disabled, but upon re-enabling SIP and rebooting, TF presents me with a dialog box re-requesting installation of the final component. I’ve repeated the disable SIP, reboot, install final component, reboot, re-enable SIP, reboot process three times with the same result.

I’ve activated Finder labels and column width auto-adjustment only. How can I make TF work in high Sierra with SIP enabled?


Hi John,

Could you please run this script and send me your results to That should help us to troubleshoot it. Thank you.


I’m having the same problem with 1.10.4. De previous version didn’t even announce the new version, so I installed it manually. Agent was upgraded also. There was one mention about corrupt TotalFinder, so I reinstalled it, with no effect, except trouble launching.

I will email the info as suggested to help with more info.

Best regards, Vincent


This is unfortunately my fault. It turned out the installer system does not remove old folder first, but copies files over existing installation. This may cause code signature check to fail, because there are some extra left-over files from previous installations.

Specifically this folder is causing trouble when going from 1.9.3 to 1.10.x:

The simplest solution is to download latest TotalFinder and run the uninstaller and then install it again from scratch. (You don’t have to turn SIP off and on again).

If you want to delete the file manually you can do this in

sudo rm -rf /Library/ScriptingAdditions/TotalFinder.osax/Contents/Resources/en.lproj

This will ask for your admin password and then delete the offending folder. Then you should launch /Applications/ again.

I’m going to address this in next TotalFinder version 1.10.5.

I have just published 1.10.5 update for everyone. TotalFinder 1.10.5 has fixed the installation issue. I’m sorry for the troubles.