TF dual panel keeps disappearing

After updating to 1.10.5, I noticed that dual panel keeps disappearing with no reason, especially after wake from sleep. Anyone has the same problem?

This is strange because I did no changes to that logic.

Would be great if you could find a reproducible situation so that I can investigate it here.

I just put my MBP into sleep, then wake up after 10 sec, the dual panel disappears. The strange thing is the trick won’t work for the second time. However, after rebooting MBP, the same problem can be duplicated.

EDIT: Wake after sleep for 10 min, dual panel disappears, no need to reboot. Can be duplicated 100%.

Thanks, I will try to replicate it here. Assuming you are using macOS 10.13.x.

Yes, I am using macOS10.13.2. Thanks!