TF not working at all!

Since I’w recreated my iMac 27" few days ago OS 10.8.5, TF is not working at all, it does not matter which version I install (1.5.12 or 1.5.15), it installs, makes the initial flicker, but the windows are opening separately!!!
What is going on???

on my mac unusable

Likewise. I got an update notification and suddenly totalfinder is borked. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling and no luck. I’m on Maverticks.

Hi, I have just release 1.5.19 on beta channel and also I’m going to release it on stable channel in few hours. I believe this version is pretty stable and well tested on all three systems 10.7, 10.8 and 10.9.

If you encounter any sudden crashes or problems, please look into and report back. There should be a link to crash report or some error messages.

When in Dual Mode if you hit Enter to edit a file name on the right window, edit it and try to select another icon from the left window using Enter, the icon on the right is the one being edited not the one I want.

Dual mode is once again not working for me!

How can I install older versions?

the archive is here:

or here for stable versions:

I’m going to test your scenario here.

You are right. This happens after you try to rename anything in left-side window of dual mode. Then keyboard focus gets locked to right-window no matter what.

Looking for solution…

Thanks for the reply.
I opened another thread reporting this bug and another one I am having.