That;s it fer me and EC... Apple crosses my line in the sand

Took the decision yesterday to abandon El Caoitan and roll back to Yosemite. Process completed today. It wasn’t just about Total Finder (I also use Total Terminal and Total Spaces), even with SIP disabled on EC, it was just too buggy, too many problems and too many things I like had to be abandoned.

In my view, the few benefits gained by upgrading to EC just weren’t worth the bugginess which has come to characterise Apple software in the past few years. So back to Yosemite it is. So far it’s been solid, software that I had to abandon is woking again, nary a crash and no discenible performance drop.

My opinion fwiw is that Apple won’t stop the process they’ve embarked upon until OS X is dunbed-down to the point where my computer will resemble a large smart phone and sod all else. The only benefits I’ve seen lately is a very shaky hand-off, some new emoticons and a couple of other bits of eye-candy for social media inadequates. Sod that.

Today I’m quite a bit happier with OS X. And I can use BA products and quite a bit of other stuff again, yeehah.


Hi Dave,

I’m surprised to hear this. I have personally no issues running El Capitan (albeit with SIP disabled). For me the experience is similar to previous OS releases. Your issues could have been connected to some software you have installed or some tweaks you did.

Anyways, I’m glad you found a solution. You can wait for next OS release cycle and give it another try. You cannot realistically stay sitting on an old OS forever.

Wise choice. Same I did in the first month. Simply, there´s no reason at all for upgrade to El Capitan.

I foolishly went to El Capitan last week; I’ve disabled SIP so can still use the BA tools I’m used to. But now Konfabulator (aka Yahoo Widgets!) has broken; the menu item doesn’t appear and the slide-in dock-like thing is gone. The widgets work but since I had them all set to “under Desktop Icons” I can’t interact with them!

Unfortunately, I have no backup to which to restore so I think I’m doom to stay on El Cap. Is it possible to downgrade without having a time machine backup and, if so, how?

Can’t help with the Konfabulator thingie I’m afraid, I don’t know it. Not much help all round too :frowning: but I do sympathise, lots of my things were broken when I moved to EC. Too buggy for me in lots of small ways and badly-designed in lots of large ways. Good job it’s free because I wouldn’t pay to upgrade it from YOS (with all the benefit of 20/20 hindsight)

If you don’t have a restore-able backup then I fear you are nicely gefuk’d, I’ve learned from sorry experience to use Carbon Copy Cloner religiously (great product). I use Time Machine only for hourly backups on my documents drive. TM seems to me to be typically Apple, almost useless but with one or two beguiling things about it , and quite pretty. Like iTunes which is a real dog I refuse point blank to have anything to do with.

So. I’m afraid you’re in bit of a re-install Yosemite or learn to love ElCapitan position atm. I sympathise, but it does look like a reinstall is on your horizon because I doubt (from what you say) that you and EC are going to be soul-mates any time soon. Like me, though that wasn’t always the case. FWIW, TF crashed 3 times under EC this morning - another happy day in Apple land. Another day another SNAFU, rarely if ever happened under YOS, which was (and continues to be) solid as a rock.

Personally I now have a fully-configured-and-working YOS partition and a EC partition and am watching the new releases (good job I’m retired and have plenty of time). If EC gets better, and especially if they make the completely awful SIP thing optional (it was only introduced to help the iPhone drones and numbskull brigade anyway - my opinion only - I stopped using the horrible iphone a while back and gave it to my daughter - many better options out there). OTOH, The EC 'features are mainly a collection of baubles for the easy-to-impress i.e. 80% of the world so I might well embrace any YOS bug-fix release. if there are additional releases for YOS then I’ll stay with that. Even though instinctively I don’t want to be caught in the old software trap, I’ve learned to be contemptuous of Apple which IMHO started profiteering under Jobs (who I always thought was the archetypal AH despite what the fanbois think) and has continued under Cook. IMHO, they’re just Wall Street attitudineers with very dubious commercial ethics ($500 for a $90 watch is only the latest example).

They badly need to sack all their release testing departments as a matter of urgency.

Anyway, /rant mode: off

Good luck with the reinstall. My advice: stay with YOS, dump TM for backing up anything important, use CCC instead.

My five-bob’s worth, it’ll probably get deleted by the mods anyway. If I can help with anything, feel free to drop me an email.


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