Threshold scrolling for space-switching?

After getting used to the threshold behaviour when scrolling normally with spaces, its very striking that scrolling throws me into a space instead of pushing past a set threshold and “scrolling” as I go.

Feature request: Match the threshold scrolling for space-switching Spaces usually have. Its very very jarring not to have this behaviour and made it really hard to get used to Total Spaces – and its still a big headache because years of use have drilled this behaviour and expectation of response into me.


For left and right, you can still use the mission control scrolling if you wish (I have TotalSpaces set to 4 finger swipes, and 3 fingers operates mission control scrolling). For up and down, I don’t think I can promise anything - it’s not at all easy to achieve.

Does the gesture recognition only recognise the gesture after its happened or something?

I see the code being something like recognising four fingers (or three) on the trackpad in advance, then the scroll state change, shifting partially through animated position states depending on the scrolled amount, going back and forth. If the threshold amount of scrolling before release is above a set amount, the virtual desktop switch continues from its current state to the next virtual desktop.

The idea is it creates the illusion of instant control instead of recognising a completed scroll action to complete, giving an impression of better latency.

The same “trick” is also achieved with mission control, by placing two fingers on the case of your laptop on the right of the trackpad, then swiping left: It recognises (some how) that the scroll is from the edge going in and reacts accordingly. Its very strange and very clever.

Sorry to ramble like this.

I actually use 3 fingers for mission control desktop scrolling, but I don’t have to start from case. Anyway, either way, it recognises that you are scrolling and goes into desktop scrolling mode.

I think in theory it could be achieved in TotalSpaces like you say, although there would need to be some fairly deep architectural changes. To be honest it’s not a priority (particularly given that El Capitan is coming, new complex features are hard to justify), but on the other hand I would like to have it work like this for sure - it would be very pleasant.