Toggle Overview grid-Expose-Instant Expose with hot corners

Hello, when I used to work with Spaces on Snow Leopard, I had found a strategy of working with spaces and the windows within them which would, in TotalSpaces, correspond to activating (mostly through “hot corners”)

  • either Overview Grid first and then, if necessary, Expose to find (and if necessary move) the desired window (a sort of “Instant Expose” in two steps starting from Overview Grid, and this is still possible),
  • or Single Desktop Expose first, then if necessary (e.g., Window in another space) activate to the overview grid to see all windows (i.e., a sort of “Instant Expose” in two steps starting from Single Desktop Expose, and I do not seem to be able to reproduce this in current TotalSpaces2).
    Sounds like a minor issue but was really useful in my personal workflow. Is this somehow possible in the current version of TotalSpaces, or, alternatively, is this laborious to implement?
    Thanks again…

Yes, I think it used to work this way in Snow Leopard. It’s not very easy to implement, but on the other hand you are not the first person to ask, so I will look at it when we next update the product.

Great, thanks a lot for considering it!