Total Finder 1.9.7 freezes on OS X 10.12.6

@darwin @BinarySteve

I cleared my plist’s and did a full reinstall.

Still crashes when deleting a file.

To make matters worse, other actions can cause this crash as well:
Copy, then Pasting a file resulted in the same crash.

@darwin got crash report after restarting TotalFinder.

Crash report for Copy then Pasting a file, resulting in “hang” and required restart:

Crash report for Deleting a file, resulting in “hang” and required restart:

I’m selfishly glad that somebody else can reproduce this issue so that it can hopefully be cleared up because Total Finder is definitely not useable on my laptop here running 10.12.6

For me, I never get a crash report offer and there is nothing in the usual DiagnosticReports folder where crash dumps from other apps are found.

I’m happy to provide more into to help solve this.

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@darwin dug up some other log events I noticed streamed in when I triggered this crash, not sure if it helps:

Aug  2 14:48:50 skryptPro Finder[86610]: BUG in libdispatch client: kevent[EVFILT_MACHPORT] monitored resource vanished before the source cancel handler was invoked
Aug  2 14:48:50 skryptPro[1] ([86610]): Service exited with abnormal code: 51
Aug  2 14:48:50 skryptPro Finder[87242]: assertion failed: 16G29: libxpc.dylib + 74307 [BF896DF0-D8E9-31A8-A4B3-01120BFEEE52]: 0x89
Aug  2 14:48:50 skryptPro Finder[87242]: notify name "user.uid.501.BRNotificationServerAvailabilityChanges" has been registered 20 times - this may be a leak
Aug  2 14:49:04 skryptPro Finder[87242]: objc[87242]: Class $8825b5792e1bd is implemented in both /System/Library/ScriptingAdditions/TotalFinderSIP.osax/Contents/MacOS/TotalFinderSIP (0x110b8ff20) and /Applications/ (0x110cc9e38). One of the two will be used. Which one is undefined.

I don’t know if it’s related but I was trying to disable tabs in the Total Finder preferences and something crashed. It prompted me to send an email but I also see this Finder crash dump in my DiagnosticReports folder.


Thank you both for the files. I’m trying to figure out what is going on there.

@Skrypt Could you please downgrade to 1.9.3 and test that version instead? Also in second step try to disable the tabs plugin in TotalFinder preferences (temporarily). Thanks.

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Thanks for looking into it, and after a year or so of not using Total Finder, I’m so glad to have it back with the SIP workaround which really wasn’t that bad. I was just too busy to look into it lately.

Total Finder seems stable on my 2013 iMac running 10.11.6

The issue only happens on the brand new MacBook Pro when I try to copy/paste/delete files so it’s basically not usable in any way and after it freezes and I Force Quit, I just leave it off.

I decided to disable the tabs since OS X does that now natively.

Is there any news on this? I would like to use Total Finder on my laptop.

I’m sorry. I didn’t get any clue what is going on there. It looks like some problematic code is not handling memory allocations correctly. Not sure what code is causing that.

I wonder why not more people is affected by this. We have to look for something which triggers it, so I can reproduce it here on my own machine…

I’m sorry for the troubles.

If it’s any help. the computer that is working OK is a 2013 iMac running 10.11.6 and the computer with the issue is a brand new MacBook Pro (w/Touch Bar) running the latest update of OS Sierra.

I’m working on a new TotalFinder version for High Sierra. I believe I fixed some memory issues. But I cannot test it to be sure. Let’s revisit this with the next beta.

OK. To install new updates to Total Finder, do I have to do the disable and re-enable of the SIP stuff?

Also, I notice that on my laptop where I have issues, Total Finder 1.9.7 is installed. On my iMac where things are OK, 1.9.6 seems to be installed. When I go to the updates tab, both versions say they are up to date and “include pre-release” is activated.

Is this normal?

Also Also, I just uninstalled Total Finder and reverted back to 1.9.3 on this machine and everything seems great. No freezing when I try to copy/paste or delete files.

Maybe something in the pre-release got weird for OS Sierra?

Thanks for all the inputs.

OK. To install new updates to Total Finder, do I have to do the disable and re-enable of the SIP stuff?

Generally no. The component should be installed once and work. Unfortunately future version will prompt you to update
that component, because of some Apple changes introduced in our signing certificate.

When I go to the updates tab, both versions say they are up to date and “include pre-release” is activated.

Yes, this is expected. I didn’t want to push update which was related to High Sierra only to all users.

Maybe something in the pre-release got weird for OS Sierra?

I switched to Xcode 9 beta. Maybe that caused some issues.

Thanks for the info. My initial report was false in that I was using 1.9.3 with Sierra but I was actually using 1.9.7 pre-release when I was experiencing the freezes, so I updated the thread title here.

Let’s hope that the next pre-release solves the freezing issue on Sierra. 1.9.3 seems OK on Sierra.

Do you know when the next update will be?

@darwim I can confirm that downgrading to 1.9.3 is stable and working with no crashes.

Still using same specs:

  • macOS Sierra 10.12.6
  • Mac Pro (Late 2013)

Must be something updated in future TotalFinder version causing it. Possibly something interacting in a rare way with something custom to our Macs, as you mention this isn’t happening to many people.

Wish I could help you narrow it down, but I have… far too many apps / tweaks / customizations running on my Mac (am dev) so it’d be near impossible to test if its anything I have installed that is interacting poorly.

Anything else I can provide to help while I have TotalFinder v1.9.3 working currently?

What about 94-95-96. Are they crashing on Sierra too?

I’m about to release a new beta this weekend. I did a lot of cleanup / refactoring and also updated Xcode compiler again. Hopefully it will get fixed or we will be able to learn more. Thanks for your help.

Great, I’ll watch for the new update the weekend and report back with how it’s working on the laptop with Sierra where I had the problems before.