Total Finder 1.9.7 freezes on OS X 10.12.6

What about 94-95-96. Are they crashing on Sierra too?

I’m about to release a new beta this weekend. I did a lot of cleanup / refactoring and also updated Xcode compiler again. Hopefully it will get fixed or we will be able to learn more. Thanks for your help.

Great, I’ll watch for the new update the weekend and report back with how it’s working on the laptop with Sierra where I had the problems before.

Hi everyone, I have just released TotalFinder 1.10.0 on beta channel:

It would be great if you could test this version and report back. Thanks!

There seems to be no change with this issue using 1.10.0

If I copy and paste some files, after one or two tries, the Finder freezes. What’s interesting is that when I pasted files from one place to another, I could hear hear the paste sound, but the files were not visible in the frozen finder or on the actual desktop.

After I Force Quit/Relaunched the Finder, then the files are visible.

Sorry to report but there still seems to be an issue and I will reverb back to 1.9.3

Same problem for me. With both 1.9.7 and 1.10.0.

I just installed the new version, but the finder freezes his preview but still working without I can’t see what it does. If I delete an item (for example) it moves to the trash but the windows freezes and it doesn’t shows neither where I click. I can’t give a report because TF doesn’t crashes. Is there another way to send the log?

Thank you for reporting back.

I recognise this as the most pressing issue. I’m going to review all changes between 1.9.3 and 1.9.7. I will put individual changes behind feature flags and let you enable them one-by-one. This way we will be able to pin-point what exactly caused this.

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Good news. I was just able to reproduce the issue.

It was introduced in v1.9.6 and affects Sierra code path when Colored Labels are enabled and you happen to copy/paste/delete in Finder window which is in Column View mode.

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Amazing! Thanks for the great news! Well done

This is good news and it makes since because I think I always use column view.

How soon will there be a fix?

This should be resolved in TotalFinder 1.10.1:

Yes! I just installed 1.10.1 and so far so good. I’ll report back if it happens again somehow.

Thanks for looking Into this. I went about a year or two without Total Finder and it’s so good to have it back running, and now on both of my machines.

Please keep up this great app for years to come. The biggest reason I use it for auto-column resizing and to get the old school file label colors back. I initially also started using it for tabs but then Apple eventually stole that from you.

Thanks again.

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Confirmed that 1.10.1 also fixes problems that I had post 1.9.5 accessing folders from the Dock and freezing… yes those folders had color labels and yes that was turned on.

TYVM for fixing this issue.

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