Total Finder Crashes on fast folder jumping

Here the video demonstration.

Thanks for the video. That’s strange looking. It doesn’t look like Finder is crashing, it looks like either the window is disappearing or the app is getting hidden.

I have two requests:

  1. Can you do the same test, but without the Chrome window, so I can see where that window is going.

  2. If you reproduce the issue again, before doing anything else, please right-click on the Finder icon in the Dock and see if the first item says Show or Hide.

Here it is

Perfect, thank you. From that video, I can see that your mouse clicks are falling through the Finder window for unknown reasons. When this happens with a Chrome window behind the Finder window, this fall-through click is activating the Chrome window, so it looks like the Finder window is disappearing.

Obviously, this shouldn’t be happening, and I can see from your first video that this only happens when TotalFinder is running. I haven’t yet reproduced this issue, but I have some questions:

  1. What’s the exact version of OS X you’re running?

  2. Would you mind disabling “Show sidebar icons in color” in TotalFinder’s preferences to see if the issue still happens?

  3. Are you using anything that might modify mouse events? Anything like a special driver for your mouse or an app like BetterTouchTool?


  1. iOS 10.11.3
  2. Honestly before I used without colors, but after play with settings bc of this bug i realized that there is color style exists xD But it doesnt fix the bug.
  3. I use BTT and also SteerMouse, will try to disable it and check again rignt now.

Killed both process in system monitor and relaunched TotalFinder and Finder. Nothing have changed, bug still there.

Alright, thanks for trying. I have created a bug ticket in your name so I can follow up with you if/when things progress.

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Thank you.

BTW, another user had the same issue and they found that disabling the “Folders on Top” helped. I just wanted to let you know while I’m still looking into a solution.

Are you able to reproduce this issue or can I help debugging in some way?

I seem to be having the same issue for a while. About 5-6 months.