Total Finder failing to start on 10.10.3 14D113c

Just started yesterday. Can’t restart manually and won’t restart after a reinstall.

Agreed. This needs an urgent fix.

I have Yosemite public beta 3 - 10.10.3 (14D113c) installed with TotalFinder 1.6.17 and have had no problems. TF starts every time I boot or log out then log in. Since the problem seems to exist only for some users, other causes have to be investigated. Some of the following are likely obvious and/or time consuming, but maybe try:

  • Download a fresh copy of TF then completely uninstall and reinstall TF 1.6.17.
  • Try booting with TF but without any other system extensions you may have installed to see if there may be a conflict. Unfortunately this is not only time consuming but difficult.
  • Do all the usual HD tests with something like Drive Genius or TechTool Pro.
  • Reinstall Yosemite public beta 3 - 10.10.3 (14D113c).

I realize that none of these are an ideal or fun option. If there is something that happens on your machine when TF fails to launch, try to document your steps and the results so it can be investigated. Perhaps launch the Console and check your logs for possible errors and report them here or submit a bug report.

Good luck.

Done all this but problem remains. My contention is that Total Finder needs a fix and before 10.10.3 is released.

I have the same proble on my iMAC 27inch running 10.10.3 (14d113c) - switched to XTRA Finder and am having no problems on either the Macbook Pro or the iMAC.

I have also switched to XTRA Finder.

I question the lack of recent support from the developer for a paid-for App.

I issued the same problem some weeks ago. I did reinstall OSX completely clean and after a few start up have the same problem again.

I had NO support at all from the developers. Loved this app but now it is hate instead.

I couldn’t agree with JimSD more. I am currently running OS X 10.10.3 (14D130a) and TotalFinder always starts, just as it has in all previous 10.10.3 builds.

Something else must be preventing it from starting.

I am just wondering if anyone having problems with TotalFinder and the beta OS X 10.10.3 have installed the final release of OS X 10.10.3 and tested TotalFinder? I downloaded the final release of OS X 10.10.3 and still haven’t had any problems. These problems where some have no problem and others do are frustrating.

Today, I uninstalled TotalFinder with it’s uninstaller and then reinstalled, rebooted, and it now works. I must admit being forced into trying XtraFinder - it is pretty nice and I may have a hard time going back - I will keep TotalFinder on the MacBook Pro and XtraFinder on the iMAC and see which I will keep in a week or so of use.


Since I updated my Mac to Yosemite 10.10.3 (14D131), Total Finder doesn’t start anymore.
The problem is the same on my macbook pro retina and on my Mac Pro 2010.

You don’t get any error message, simply nothing happens anymore.

The developer has given up.

Switch to XTRA Finder - it works perfectly and is free

Hello there,

I also uninstalled Totalfinder with the supplied uninstaller, and reinstalled it. Works perfectly fine as well again !


I came across this while looking for a solution to this problem. I did a full clean install of Yosemite and then installed the 10.10.3 Beta. That was when I started having this problem (2011 MBA 11"). I have since noticed that it depends how I use it, if I close it with the red X or after a restart it will open. If I minimize it with the yellow dash it will not come back up with an icon click. I need to right click and select the window name or click the minimized window at the other end of the dock.