Total Finder Feature Request (Copy File/Folder Name)

Awhile back, Steve from Binary Age made me a great script that I used with Fastscripts to use a shortcut to copy just the name of a selected file or folder. I don’t want to copy the actual file or folder, just the name.

With my line of work, I always need to copy file or folder names and before the script, it wasn’t easy.

The script worked fairly well but installing it was fairly complex and I can no longer reach Steve. I wasn’t able to successfully install it on my new laptop. It still works on my iMac but I’ll be updating and/or replacing that soon.

I’m wondering (if it doesn’t already exist) if there could be a way to make it so Total Finder allows you to assign a shortcut to copy just the name of a selected file or folder, without any extensions included, or any form of text format. Just the name.

This would be a much appreciated addition.

why don’t you just press enter on the original name then CMD+C, ESC/enter?
on the file/folder you want to rename just pres enter, CMD+V, enter again and done

Usually I’m not trying to rename a file or folder. I usually need to copy a folder or file name and paste it into an email or other type of message to communicate about it.

I want to just copy the name, and not the actual file or folder.

Is there a simple way on OS X copy just the name of a file or folder?

the above tip relates to copying of name, not the content of folder/file
you must press enter while on the file/directory, it automatically chooses the whole name, the you just press CMD+C and the name is in the clipboard
to test it, open TextEdit and press CMD+V -> if you copied the name, the name will paste, if you copied the content, the path will paste

Hi SemLipo_Lipo,

I get it now. I think this is exactly what I was looking for! I’m only on my laptop now but I’ll try soon on my main machine.

Much appreciated.

I can’t believe how easy this is compared to the script that Steve generously made for me and having to use Fast Scripts.

Thanks again.