Total Finder getting stuck sending items to trash

I’ve had a couple of problems sending items to trash since updating to Toatal Finder v1.5.22. Most times it works as usual but twice the dialog for each file comes up and won’t go away without relaunching finder. I’m not sure whether this is a Mavericks issue or a Total Finder issue because I upgraded from Lion to Mavericks at around the same time as updating TF.

I have recognized issues with the cli utillity “trash” ( when I unmounted and remounted a local drive. Other symptoms are listed here Renaming file causes error code 43 . @bbraunccp, maybe you can check, if your issue can be reproduced the same way or is somehow related to the symptoms I described in the other thread.

Internet is full of articles about trash problems (for various reasons). TotalFinder’s code should not interfere with file-copy or trash functionality (I do only UI tweaks).

When I had issues last time it was related to Locum process eating up all my CPU.

Try to google mac trash locum or generic articles about trash problems:

If you find the culprit please share. Thanks!