Total Finder kills my Wifi connection speeds

I have been frustrated by painstakingly slow wifi connections at my home office and then on my work campus… at home I run an airport extreme network. At my office campus we deploy a Ruckus wireless network. Both should be running at 30 Mbps… I was getting 25 -27 on my iPhone and iPad but either timing out on my Macbook Pro Retina or download speeds between 1.5 and 3 mbps. Was on the phone with Apple for an hour finally did a clean reinstall of Yosemite and tested the wifi after each app was reloaded… once I installed the latest version of TF my wifi connectivity speeds crashed. So I am bummed… anyone else have this issue?

I’m sorry this is highly unlike. It must be something else causing the problems.

I don’t think TotalFinder has any inference to Wifi, Probably there are other apps could be causing the slowness of your wifi. You could check it by running on safe boot and see whether there is any cause.

Wifi Connectivity cannot be affected by Finder, But its likely your router or other computer which may consume more bandwidth.

yeah, I don’t see how it could be… all I can tell you that on both of my machines the minute I uninstalled TF the problem went away… I am simply an end-user and therefore, can only comment on my own experience/observations… but I sure miss TF already!