Total Spaces locks up screen with time machine

When trying to go back with time machine all spaces on the screen lock up. The space with ‘Finder’ in it seems to show the earlier time views but I cannot open that space or any other. The only way to unlock the screens is to physically disconnect the TM external drive. As with the Nov '13 response which referred to Total Finder “using CMD+OPT+ESC does not do anything… it just makes the screen go black”, and as with the Dec '13 response which also referred to Total Finder "I have to nuke Total Spaces and use ordinary Finder to ‘Enter Time Machine’ ".

What setup are you using (which OS, what machine?)

I just tested Time Machine on the latest Yosemite - it works ok. You can’t change space with TotalSpaces whilst using Time Machine (this is expected), but everything else seems responsive.

I rebooted and it “sort” of works now. However e.g. to review documents I need to go to finder and enter from the HD, then go to documents. If I try to start directly from the finder space or from any other space I get the time machine to come up but it will not go back in time. I am using the most recent iMac and OS 10.10.1

PS – I do not understand your comment “You can’t change space with TotalSpaces whilst using Time Machine” in that spaces does not appear with time machine


OK, I’m still a bit unclear about what is happening.

When I use Time Machine, I click on the time machine icon in the menu bar, and choose Enter Time Machine. A Finder window appears on my current desktop, and the rest of everything fades out, and I can use the GUI to go back and forth to earlier versions of the Finder containing the earlier files.

I can go to the TotalSpaces Overview Grid if I trigger it with a hotcorner, but you can’t change space - I can only go back to the desktop I was using Time Machine on.

From what you say, it sounds like it doesn’t do anything when you click on an earlier time in the Time Machine GUI.

The first question I must ask - does it when ok when TotalSpaces is not running? So if you quit TotalSpaces from the menu bar item, does Time Machine work normally?

Ok … I got it to work. Also users of TS may also be interested in another Time Machine additional feature program called Back-In-Time. Worth a try.

Thanks for your help. Great program.