Total Spaces Losing track of background images on extra displays

I am running TotalSpaces v2.2.9, on 10.9.5 (Mavericks).

I am running on a MacBook Pro.

At work I use two external displays, a ViewSonic VA2431wm using Thunderbolt connect, and a Qnix QX2710LED w/ a dual DVI connection (Thunderbolt + USB through an Apple Dual DVI adapter), as well as the built-in laptop display (so three displays altogether).

When I work from home (most evenings), I switch to using the single built-in display sometimes with the addition of a single VGA display.

I run 9 desktops in a 3x3 matrix, using Sync grids (so 27 desktops total). I use large panoramic scenes to identify individual desktop “sets”.

After disconnecting from my work displays and working with a single display, then returning to work, I find that all of the backgrounds for the ViewSonic desktop have been restored, but all of the backgrounds for the Qnix display have been reverted back to the default.

In general, there seem to be various issues with TotalSpaces remembering the background images for desktops on my system.


Ok, so TotalSpaces works by creating the illusion of a grid on top of Mission Control desktops.
And the problem here is that OSX is not remembering the backgrounds of its mission control desktops for some reason.
I don’t really know why that is. I do know where OSX stores its database of desktop backgrounds (~ ▸ Library ▸ Application Support ▸ Dock ▸ desktoppicture.db), but TotalSpaces doesn’t modify it or use it.

So this isn’t much help really. One question - is OSX using the same desktops or is it making new ones every time you connect that monitor? If you, for instance, assign names to those Desktops in TotalSpaces2 (in Layout preferences) do the names stick the next time you plug the monitor in? (Even if the backgrounds change?)

If they do, then the spaces are the same ones. Check this and I’ll try to think of some way to help.

After looking for similar issues people were having with Mission Control, I found an article discussing the “Displays have separate Spaces” check mark under System Preferences/Mission Control. After unchecking this box Total Spaces 2 is now behaving much more as expected and desired.

Although, I should note that with this unchecked, the menu bar and launcher bar are only on the main display; however, this is an acceptable compromise for me.

Ok, thanks for noting this!