Total Spaces/os x mail not working well together in Mavericks

After aprox 5 minutes mail becomes unresponsive and the only way to clear is to force quit Total Spaces. Too bad, would like to use it, but it’s of no use if it forces mail to grind to a halt. All other apps work great with it. Have 12 desktops on the go.

Is this a know issue? Is there a work around? Really need the grid view and other features Total Spaces offers.

Worked great in Mountain Lion.


It’s not a known issue, and at the moment I can’t think of any mechanism by which TotalSpaces could slow down, and not any other app. TotalSpaces doesn’t have any interaction with Mail, so it’s rather an odd effect.

Can you possibly check in Activity and see if you can see anything unusual in there? Is TotalSpaces using a lot of CPU?

Mail causes the slowdown. It then becomes system wide until I kill the dock and or invoke the show window expose command by hot corner. At that point everything clears until scrolling in Mail causes the slowdown to reappear. Activity monitor only shows kernel task and window server as top 2 CPU users, but % not very high at all.

The only way that TotalSpaces interacts with is the same way it interacts with all the other windows in the system - TotalSpaces has a mirror of Mail’s window in the Overview grid.

Do you use the Overview grid much?

If this is indeed the factor causing the problem, then you can test it. One way: If you don’t (not even once) use the overview grid after TotalSpaces is started, then the mirror window will not have been created, so we could rule it out if Mail slows down anyway.

Alternatively, if you do see a slowdown and are able to go to TotalSpaces Layout prefs, and click + then - for the number of columns in your grid, then because the grid changed shape the cached windows will be thrown away. If Mail speeds up at this point it would definitely indicate a connection to the Overview grid.

I use the grid all the time. That’s what I love about the app. I will do the tests you have suggested and get back to you later.

Yes, that was the problem. I executed as suggested. Only bringing up the grid caused the resultant slowdown/freeze. Changing the grid layout brought back to normal. Let me know when you have a fix

Ok, thanks for the investigation. I should have an update for you tomorrow.

Please could you try this version:

I have removed the caching for the windows mirrors. I would be interested if a) it works and Mail no longer slows down and b) if you notice any slowdown in showing the overview grid - or if you notice any undesirable graphical effects when showing the grid.


After a couple of minutes of use, Mail once again froze. While it was working I noticed no slowdown in showing grid nor were there any undesirable graphical effects.

Thanks. That’s unexpected, I need to further examine the code.

Same deal here , Mail locks up , won’t quit , problems restarting . Not sure if all related .

also , seems any open finder windows now open on all desktops follows screen?
Im sure that was not the case before .


@kenspocket @totalspaces

I am building another test version of TotalSpaces2 for you, but it will take a couple of days to get ready. Please wait a little.

@kenspocket Is finder assigned to all spaces? Check in TotalSpaces2 apps preferences.

OK, no worries. I am using the Apple default desktop switching for now…Your’s is far superior!

any luck?

A rather extended couple of days… sorry for that.

I wonder if this is any better with Mail?

This one seems to be working. Thx.

I made this adaption optional in v2.0.10. If you update to this version please use the command line setting in

defaults write com.binaryage.TotalSpaces2 lowerMemoryUsage YES

For people that don’t see any slowdown it’s better to continue caching the grid, but this option clears on exit, which we have found to help your system.

OK, thx. Worked. But, does that also mean I have to run the command line setting each time I launch total spaces (i.e. after a login or restart?)

FYI, I expect Apple to release a new version of Mail (my current is Version 7.0 (1822)), because even with TP2 off, Mail misbehaves for me by leaving the Mail Activity window in a weird, frozen, half-rendered state. Maybe any and all TP2 problems will disappear then?

randall_ sterlin: You only need do that once, it’s written in the preferences for TotalSpaces2.

Bob: I certainly hope it does… let’s see!