Total Spaces stops work; needs quitting

10.1.2 on Mid-2012 MBA 8 GB

Frequently – maybe daily, often several times a day – Total Spaces stops. Clicking app icons in the Dock doesn’t make Total Spaces switch spaces. Nothing happens. To restore normal function, I quit Total Spaces then launch it again. Immediately after, there is no problem. A few hours later – same story – Total Spaces stops working.

Is it that the thing that doesn’t work is automatically switching to the correct desktop when you click on an app (or cmd-tab etc)?

You can still change desktop using the hotkeys or swipe gestures?

This sounds like a problem I’m having with 2.2.9 and OS X 10.10.2. If I click on or launch an application my window no longer switches. Same if I use [Cmd]-[Tab]. If I use the hotkeys the window changes. I have swipe turned off so can’t say whether that works or not. Earlier though even the hotkeys wouldn’t cause the window to change.

I have this problem on two different machines, one running 10.10.2 and the other 10.9.5.

(v2.2.20 on 10.10.3 on MBA 2012 13")

Still have this problem. Happens multiple times a day, now, on 10.10.3. Total Spaces is not responsive and need to be quit and restarted. While Total Spaces is working or quit, OS X MIssion Control features have no problems.

I’m sorry you experience this.

I have indeed seen cases on my machine where the space switches stop happening on app change. But for me, just entering and exiting Mission Control causes the problem to disappear.
That may not be the case for you though.

I don’t know how to reproduce this reliably, and it’s been very hard to track down. I think it’s the biggest issue with TotalSpaces right now. I will continue to investigate… but if you find any way to trigger the issue please do let me know.

Thanks for the tip about Mission Control. I had not known that. The only pattern I’ve noticed is that the problem occurs frequently after I have been command-tabbing rapidly betweeen apps in different spaces while doing a lot of copy/paste ( ⌘⇥, ⌘C, ⌘⇥, ⌘V and repeat several times). Total Spaces seems to get overwhelmed with the inputs. This pattern is more of an impression than something I can give a reliable recipe for.