TotalFinder 1.4.30 with almost full Mavericks support

If you are already testing Mavericks, we want you to try TotalFinder 1.4.30 and tell us what features are still broken/missing. Your feedback is welcome. Thank you.

The release notes are here. The direct download link is here.

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It would be nice to have the visor come up on a free monitor if the main monitor is in full screen (as opposed to swapping to the closest free space and popping up).

Also it would be nice to be able to pull up the visor in the current monitor in use.

It seems like when you switch between tags in the sidebar (for instance red to blue) You can’t see see the files, but they are there (if you use the arrow keys or Cmd+A and look at the bottom status bar you can see “x of y files selected” . But if you click anything under favorites (ex: home directory) and THEN a tag you can see the files and click them.

-Column View
-Sidebar Colors on (but it seems to also happen when off)


Searching seems busted: search results are partially scrolled under the search bar and leave graphical artifacts when trying to scroll down, see screenshot (sorry for the link, as a new user I am not allowed to upload images). Also, horizontal scrolling messes up the search filter bar.

Bug: after entering a folder the contents are replaced by a hugely expanded “shared folder” bar. This happen very often and is not reversible. After this happens all the folders are like this until restart


Went back to 1.4.18

Bug 2: first line of a folder in list view is partially obscured by a “shared folder” bar.


Thank you for your reports. Visual problems should be fixed in 1.4.23. Use the links in initial post to download this latest version.

Also I’m going to look how I could enable image uploads for all.

Ok, changed default trust level for new forum users. I don’t think this will fix your existing users, but from now on, everyone should be allowed to upload images immediately after creating an account.

Is 1.4.24 the latest version for Mavericks?

The latest version is 1.4.29:

I’m having issues with folders on top with mavericks. if i sort my folder by “date added” folders on top doesn’t work. using version 1.5.

TotalFinder 1.5.2 just installed now > GREAT !!!
I was nearly to abandon Mavericks when I discovered the possibility to upgrade …

Hey Darwin. Loving TotalFinder (Mavericks stealing your features… pfft!)

I’m using 1.5.2 with pre-releases activated.

When I have two tabs joined and I’m using the columns view, in the right-hand side tab, when I navigate to a folder or file, then click outside of TotalFinder, the tab always snaps back to the far left, to the first column. I click a different folder to the one I previously selected, then click on the folder I was just in and then the window, once again, shows my right-most column. Soon as I click outside TotalFinder again, it snaps back to the left-most column.

I hope this bug description helps with the development of TotalFinder. It still is extremely useful, even with the new Mavericks rip-offs… I mean updates. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I have updated to 1.5.2, but this issue still plagues the column view of TotalFinder.

I’d also like to add that when I double click to join the two tabs, I can use my Magic Mouse to scroll left and right with the touch surface on the LEFT tab, but not the RIGHT tab.

The latest update 1.5.5 has fixed the issue. Thanks for all your hard work there at Binary Age!

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