Totalfinder 1.6.12 problems

Below is another screen grab with two different problems.

One is when I change or delete the folder name, the original folder name is still there as I go to delete it…second problem is that you will note that the folder name below has gone blank by itself. When I stop editing the folder name of the top folder, it magically re-appears.

This is the second issue I’ve had now with a new version of Totalfinder two weeks…never had a problem at all with Totalfinder in the two years I’ve used it…

Thanks for posting about this. It is a problem that has appeared since 1.6.10 when a different editing bug was fixed. Please see the Editing filename bug thread for more details. I’ve just updated that thread confirming your findings. Let’s hope that it can be fixed soon.

Thanks a lot Smudge. Any update on this as the problem, unfortunately, still remains.

Cheers, and appreciate your help.


Paul, I’d recommend you follow the Editing filename bug thread as that is where the developer Darwin has been discussing these issues. Last update was 4 days ago saying he will look into it.

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