TotalFinder 1.6.7 install hangs on Yosemite DP5


I just ran the update to 1.6.7. The Finder Window vanished; I didn’t get the usual prompt for my password.
I can see two processes TotalFInder and finish_installation, which does not seem to do anything.

An attempt to restart Finder using the “Force Quit” menu did not help.
Can I reboot my machine


After rebooting I tried to install 1.6.3 again; TotalFinder did not work.
I uninstalled TotalFinder and then re-installed 1.6.3; it came up immediately with the update to 1.6.7, this time it installed.

Interesting. TotalFinder’s pre-install script tries to quit Finder via applescript:

I can imagine, that in case is busy or hangs, this could wait indefinitely. Would be nice to implement it with some kind of timeout/fallback.