TotalFinder and AppleScript returns only first tab selected value

Since latest version of TotalFinder, when applescripting Finder’s selections, i get only the first tab selection, not the others, the script:

tell application "Finder"
        set theAliases to selection as alias list
    end try
end tell

does i need to use a preceeding version of TotalFinder or this there another way to get finder’s selections ?

I think probably related to this, I have some little automator apps that I have created which live in the finder window toolbar that are supposed to act on the finder selection (things like open the selected file in SublimeEdit, etc.).

Starting with 1.6.13, I am noticing that right after I create a new tab and click on a file or folder in the totalFinder tab, those little automator apps will work (i.e. get the correct finder selection), but sometime after the finder window loses focus (or maybe it’s the visor going down - not sure what triggers this), the finder selection seems to get lost and from that point on, my automator apps no longer receive the selected finder item. Even if i de-select and re-select it doesn’t work. The only way to get it working again (temporarily) is to create a new totalFinder tab.