Totalfinder and Steermouse problems

Very happy that I finally got Totalfinder working on my M1! But there are issues. I use Steermouse solely to get the “snap to default button” and back function. But with TotalFinder this make Steermouse to snap to the “new tab” tab in Finder windows when changing name of files or folders.This is quite annoying.

What version of macOS is this occurring on?

I’ll try and see if I can reproduce this behaviour later on my local test machine when I have time.

Also, this specific SteerMouse app developed by Plentycom Systems is the app you’re using, right?

Judging by the screenshots, it seems to have that functionality you’re speaking of, but I just want to be sure.

The bigger question is how did they get Totalfinder working on a M1 Mac. When I switched to all M1 Macs here I had to stat using another software to get about 80% of what Totalfinder could do. I want Totalfinder to work on M1 Macs.

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Well I finally did. I tried most of what is suggested. And suddenly it worked. Do not ask exactly what I did. Is that other app Xtrafinder? I can not get that to work.

It WORKS! Amazing how much I missed this little program. To whomever figured out how to make it work, many many thanks.

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@Ken @vwlinkan

The reason why TotalFinder appears to have suddenly started working on Apple Silicon for you guys is because I released TotalFinder 1.14.1 about 2 weeks ago, which has Apple Silicon support — you must have happened to have tried using TotalFinder again after that period of time ;​P

Also, the general discussion thread for that can be found here, if either of you are interested.

I’m glad you’re happy with it and that it’s working for you! Feel free to report any issues you may encounter in the thread I linked above〜