TotalFinder conflict with other software

Hello. I use a software that make possible to snap windows to the screen edges. Since I’ve installed TotalFinder I can not anymore make this software work. I’ve installed many of them like Windows Magnet, Cinch, Moom and Bettersnaptool. It appear that every single software have an issue due to TotalFinder. In Windows Magnet I can not snap the windows to the edges. In Bettersnaptool the windows does not restore to the default size. The problem appear with the latest version of total finder. I even installed the pre release, but nothing has changed. Can you please help me?

Thank you.

I’m afraid I won’t be able to help at this point. This has been long-time issues because TotalFinder achieved the tabs implementation by glue-ing two (or more windows) together. I’m using less-known Cocoa API for this and all those utilities have probably problem handling such situation.

You can disable tabs in TotalFinder and that should help. Because the tabs component is responsible for all this hacking.

Alternatively you might want to give a try to SizeUp. That is what I have been using for last 4+ years and had no problems so far.

Can I only disable tabs or I have to disable all other functions?

Disabling tabs will disable visor and dual-mode as well.

Disabling Tabs everything works fine. Is there any way to disable tabs and keep dual-mode active?

Unfortunately not. Dual mode is implemented as part of tabs plugin. It uses the same trick to glue two Finder windows side-by-side and depends on Chrome-style tabs layout.

Thanks for your help. I really appreciated it. :slight_smile:

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Just wanted to chime in to say to @loscamos: if you’re still looking for window management software that works well with TF (at least for me), consider trying HyperDock. While its main feature is not the actual window management (it’s mainly for previews of windows minimized to the Dock, etc.), and it doesn’t have that many options as far as window management (compared to BTT or SizeUp), I have found that the window snapping features of HyperDock work perfectly well with TF. Maybe give it a try:

Disclaimer: I do not work for Bahoom Software. :smile:

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@posburn Thank you!