TotalFinder crash again and again

I have send you several crash report, but get no response. Please check the following sample and help.


It looks like a false-positive. Finder is crashing for some reason and TotalFinder thinks that it is it’s own crash.

Please follow this gist to reset Finder and TotalFinder into factory defaults, you might consider doing backup of those files before deleting them:

So this should be a Finder bug, and you have no solution or workaround?

I gave you a workaround. Reset Finder settings to factory defaults. The crash is probably related to a bad state of your Finder (e.g. it is looking on a folder which has some crashing issue and it tries to display it when launched).

The issue still existed till now. And it occurs when using cut/paste, which is the feature of TotalFinder. I don’t think it is a issue of the system Finder. @darwin