TotalFinder crash : column sort combined with column width change

El Cap
TF 1.8.1

  1. “Disable tabs completely”
  2. Open Finder window, make more than one of the native Finder tabs (e.g. cmd-T)
  3. Change one of the column widths
  4. Change the sort directive (e.g. double-click on “Date” instead of “Name”)
  5. TF crash

a) this is completely repeatable on my setup. Reboot, clean setup of a new Finder window (open one up, put it to the same location in the file system, put it on the same workspace etc., same crash)
b) doesn’t happen without “Disable tabs completely”

Thanks for reporting and repro steps. I’m going to investigate this after releasing a new version of beta channel today.

@wpk101 I have just tested it here on my macOS 10.11 machine with released TF 1.8.1 and so far I’ve been unable to reproduce the crash.

Could you please share the crash report? (Finder_ prefixed files in ~/Library/Logs/DiagnosticReports)

Wondering if anyone else is seeing similar crashes.

here’s a screenshot of the *.crash (apparently I can only upload images)

i think this is the correct file, i mean, i think this is the crash data associated with the specific issue.

can almost certainly reproduce again if not, but not right now, because i am working, need to keep Finder running OK for a bit.


Not sure if it is relevant to what you described, it crashed in _doImageDragUsingRowsWithIndexes, somewhere down the road when working with pasteboard. But in this crash report there is no trace of TotalFinder code being involved.

When you get to it, could you try to reproduce the same crash with plain Finder (without TotalFinder running)? Maybe it is just a bug in Finder itself.

yes i will test again in finder alone when i can - i think i already did and it was OK, but i did not record that test carefully. (At the moment, I am using with TF tabs active, which also is OK).

Meantime, I’m still trying to remember exactly what I did until can properly record, see below an updated list of process which I think is a bit more detail info than in the original post.

  1. Restart Finder
  2. Start Totalfinder
  3. Disable TF tabs
  4. Set (resize) Finder window to occupy only half of the screen (unrelated requirement, just for visual desktop management)
  5. Open a second tab (the native Finders tabs themselves), then back to the first one
  6. List view
  7. Navigate to some particular directory, which itself contains some directories
  8. Open some of them in a click-arrow-to-expand sense, so that some directory is also showing its contents
  9. In particular, filenames here within an expanded directory are quite long, because Finder win is only half the screen. So, double-click the column width for “Name”, to expose the whole filename. (This shuffles some of the right-hand columns out of view).
  10. Then, double-click another column, e.g. Date, to sort by that.
  11. Crash

In some particular directory, I could repeat this same process (run through til crash, restart Finder, test over again) at least 3 or 4 times. I didn’t test exhaustively across all directories e.g. across variations in number of files/subdirs, etc…

Clarification, again (sorry, I’m doing too many things at once) -

Leaving aside the specific details to reproduce in the last post, I am definite that this problem does happen without TF tabs enabled, and is stopped when TF tabs are enabled.

So perhaps this is the other way around, it may be a native Finder bug related to native tabs which is prevented by using TF tabs instead.