TotalFinder crash when cut/paste

I have reported in the thread, my Totalfinder crash continuously. @darwin told me it is a system finder crash, but the crash always happened when I cut/paste some file, which is not a feature of the system Finder, but your product. Can you do something to help?

I can reproduce the crash easily by cut and paste. you can look at the following link, there are 3 crash reports.

Hey, anyone else experiencing these crashes?

From the crash reports it does not seem to be related to TotalFinder code.

@leonzhang Does it work if you do the workflow via Finder’s Copy (CMD+C) and then Move Item Here (CMD+OPT+V) ?

@darwin, no. crash doesn’t happen when use CMD+OPT+V in finder or totalFinder. crash only happen when I use CMD+X with totalFinder.