Totalfinder Disk space not working correctly

So i have notice when i been uninstalling or removing some apps or programms or things i dont need anymore. I have notice that when i have totalfinder running it doesnt refresh how much space i have left. When i quit totalfinder and go back to normal Finder it refreshes the left space on my Hard drive.

If needed for logs or anymore information welcome to message me or type in here on the topic

Let’s wait for someone else to report something similar. I pretty much doubt this would be caused by TotalFinder. It might be a bug/unexpected behaviour of Finder. The fact that you kill Finder+TotalFinder and start Finder again does not rule out the case when this is a Finder bug/behaviour and it gets resolved by Finder restart.

thx for answer lets wait maybe is it bug from Finder it self since 10.15 Catalina. I will use Finder to check if same things happeneds. Could i send you some bugs or where can i find logs if the totalfinder reports anything ??

In, filter the messages list with “Finder” keyword, the list is pretty busy. TotalFinder and Finder should report any warnings/exceptions there.

Roger. Btw i love the Totalfinder :slight_smile: