Totalfinder does not clear selection, keyboard shortcuts don't work

I updated to Totalfinder 1.5.26 today and found some issues…

I select one or more files and do something with them, e.g. copy them, drag them to an app, e.g. VLC. The selection is not cleared after the operation. I went back to finder, clicked on one of the files and pressed cmd-delete; all 5 files previously selected files were deleted. I right click on a file and select duplicate, afterwards it still shows the original filename in the edit menu with ‘cut’ and ‘copy’.

Also, the keyboard shortcuts related to cut/copy/paste do no longer work.

Agree, I found the same problem on 10.9.2 iMac,
could you please fix it ASAP,
cause it’s very inconvenient~
thank you!

Even simple delete (Cmd-DELETE) does not work on second time… :frowning: please fix fix fix! :wink:

The same +1

Looking into that. I probably broke something…

Found it, really stupid bug. It breaks whole CutAndPaste thing after opening and closing right-click context menu.

1.5.27 version should be good:

Installed the update. Works as expected now! Thank you!

I’m very happy with the release of 1.5.27. i had been having fits with issues similar to those posted here. I even had a situation where command-i gave information on a file I had not even chosen in the Finder!

Thanks for the quick and thorough fix.

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1.5.27 fixed one long standing cut-and-paste bug which was a headache, more details here:


I am unable to see cut on right click menu for the files on desktop. Once I select any other file from downloads, documents, the cut and paste does appear.

if I enable cut&paste buttons, only then I can see cut for the files placed on desktop. Otherwise with buttons disabled, the cut command dosnt work for files on desktop.

Is this normal or a bug? Please have a look at it.


Yes, I can confirm that. I will look into that on wednesday. I will be traveling tomorrow and some people complained I have been doing beta releases too frequently :wink:

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This will be resolved in the next release. This is a bug I introduced recently with modifications to cut&paste code.

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Many thanks for the acknowledging it. Looking forward for next release…

1.5.36 - same issue AGAIN

Version 1.6 seems to be doing the same thing. I had 3 files on the desktop, created a new folder, dragged them into it, and now the files exist in both the new folder and in their original position on the desktop.

Running 10.9.3 on a late 2008 MBP 15" (still runs great!).


Ok, I’m going to investigate it tomorrow. Added to my priority list.

TotalFinder 1.6.1 should have this hopefully fixed:

I’m currently running 1.6.8 but I’m still having trouble with the keyboard shortcuts occationally. This goes for all shortcuts—cmd+delete, cmd+O, cut/copy/paste, even using the directional arrows to navigate in column view. The strange thing that I’ve noticed is that a tab will seem to work fine for awhile, but once the keyboard shortcuts stop responding I have to open a new tab and then everything is normal again.

This really disrupts my workflow—are you able to fix this?