TotalFinder does not open Finder....on Catalina

Hi, hope someone can help me.
Since my Catalina Update I have that Issue:

When there is no Finder Window open and I click on the Finder Icon normally a Window would open…

But now since the Update to Catalina that does not work, I have to ricght click on the Finder Icon and press Open Window…

Is there any solution??

Some other people reported that they resolved this issue by resetting TotalFinder and Finder into factory defaults.

Here is how I would do it via, and then Force Quit via CMD+OPT+ESC, and launch again.

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Your problem is Catalina, not the other way around. I found this out when I upgraded from El Capitan then everything when to hell real quick. Most everything quit working. Then I down graded to El Capitan and everything returned to normal. I don’t like the path Apple has chosen. The upgrade is designed to work only on late model computers. Not on everything like it used to be. I get what’s going on. It’s about greed. Apple is betting your going to run out and buy a new computer or an iPhone or anything else that creates revenue for them. They don’t care about us. their faithful followers, Like I said it’s al about the money.

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This solves the issue only partially, because after a while that happened again, so that I have to kill the finder again through the Terminal…

Hope the issue will be solved in the next update…
btw…when will be an update available?

I’m about to do a new sometime release during this week. But I did not tackle this specific issue. I have to make some effort to try to reproduce it here on my dev machine.

Some other user described his problem over an email and helped me to reproduce the issue here.

TotalFinder’s Dock icon stops opening new TotalFinder window if you previously had a TotalFinder window with multiple native Finder tabs and closed it. Not sure why is this happening, probably one of Finder’s tabs stays in some weird state and clicking the Dock thinks it is still on-screen so it does not create a new Finder window. Something like this.

Anyways, a workaround is to force-quit via CMD+OPT+ESC and launch /Applications/ again. To prevent this situation in the future, please makes sure you have unchecked

Finder -> Preferences -> General -> "Open folders in tabs instead of new windows"

Fixed in 1.12.3: