TotalFinder doesn't work on EL Captain


TotalFinder was working just fine on EL Captain but it doesn’t work now.

EL Captain version: 10.11.5 (15F34)
SIP: Disabled

I have no idea why it ain’t working :sweat:

Let’s see if there’s more information about this issue in the Console:

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I restarted finder and totalfinder and here are the results

17/06/16 3:31:11.860 PM[1]: ([281]) Service exited with abnormal code: 51
17/06/16 3:31:11.965 PM Finder[1130]: assertion failed: 15F34: libxpc.dylib + 78286 [54D1328E-054E-3DAA-89E2-375722F9D18F]: 0x89
17/06/16 3:31:17.857 PM Finder[1130]: BUG in libdispatch client: kevent[EVFILT_MEMORYSTATUS] add: "Operation not supported" - 0x2d
17/06/16 3:31:28.163 PM TotalFinder[372]: requesting injection into[1130]
17/06/16 3:31:28.233 PM Finder[1130]: TotalFinderInjector v1.7.12 received init event
17/06/16 3:31:28.233 PM Finder[1130]: TotalFinderInjector: Installing TotalFinder from /Library/ScriptingAdditions/TotalFinder.osax/Contents/Resources/TotalFinder.bundle
17/06/16 3:31:28.251 PM Finder[1130]: Launching TotalFinderCrashWatcher from '/Library/ScriptingAdditions/TotalFinder.osax/Contents/Resources/TotalFinder.bundle/Contents/Resources/'
17/06/16 3:31:28.310 PM Finder[1130]: Skipping loading plugin Tabs because it is disabled by plist switch TotalFinderTabsDisabled.
17/06/16 3:31:28.382 PM TotalFinder[372]: TotalFinder has been succesfully injected into[1130]

Based on the first three lines, which come before TotalFinder even tries to get into Finder, it looks like your OS X installation is corrupt.

I recommend you try re-installing the latest Combo Update from Apple.

Let me know if you continue to get that message after.

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It worked. Thanks :slight_smile: