TotalFinder not supported on OSX 10.9.1

TotalFinder not supported on OSX 10.9.1. Shows incompatible Software.

Hi @ejromero2,

What version of TotalFinder are you using? I am using version 1.5.9 and everything is ok with Mavericks. Did you perhaps have an older version installed before upgrading to Mavericks? Maybe a version that is not compatible with OS X 10.9? If so, I would recommend downloading TF 1.5.9 directly from the website and installing it that way (since your current version of TF won’t open, you obviously can’t upgrade from within the app)

Hope that helps!

How can you have TotalFinder version 1.5.9, when on BA’s website the latest version is 1.5.6?
Never mind, I see that.

Yes i updated to 1.5.9 and its working. 1.5.9 its a beta version btw.