TotalFinder seems to use a lot of CPU under El Capitan

Noticed this with 1.7.8 and also after upgrading to the beta of 1.7.9.

The finder process regularly spikes to 100% after running TotalFinder, the visor redraw is sluggish, and in fact, my whole system feels laggy.

Relaunching without TotalFinder returns Finder to a normal CPU usage profile - (ie hardly anything)

iMac 27" late 2013, 24GB Ram OS X 10.11

Do you have enabled Folders on Top? Isn’t your Finder opening tabs with hundreds of files no a networked volume? This could be one possible cause.

Yes - turning off ‘Folders on top’ returns CPU usage back to normal.

I was testing with a single tab, that contained 1 file and a folder on my local hard drive, it certainly seems as if Folders on Top is causing this.

I wonder if this is happening for generally for all folders or just some specific folder(s). List view? or Column View? I can imagine TotalFinder can be causing CPU overhead when folder is being constantly changed in background (by some background task or process) while TotalFinder has that folder opened.

This is list view, which is what i use 99% of the time.

I’m checking on another folder, which has 3 subfolders, containing approximately 60 files. I don’t think there’s anything touching that folder in the background.

I have visor mode enabled, and the folder is pinned to stay open.

With ‘Folders on top’ disabled. CPU usage stays between 0% and 1%
Enable ‘Folders on top’, there is a cycle where CPU usage spikes up to 30% regularly, drops down to 0.5% and then spikes up again to around 30% - and repeat

In both cases I’m doing nothing except watching Activity Monitor - each time for more than a minute.

Ok, I will investigate this tomorrow. As far as I can tell, Folders on Top code is triggered when underlying data Finder is viewing changed. Right now TotalFinder does not attempt to optimize this, so if there is some heavy activity reporting some empty or trivial change for some reason, TotalFinder will burn CPU by continuously sorting items in opened folders.

You could try to run this in

sudo fs_usage | grep "/Users/your-user/some/path"

this will list in real time filesystem access/writes for given path and a process responsible for it.

OK, I ran fs_usage on this folder and observed CPU usage

Apart from the initial activity (calls to fsgetpath and getattrlist). there is no ongoing activity in this folder.

CPU usage remains the same - ie repeated spikes with ‘Folders on Top’ enabled, and no spikes with it disabled,

This is the folder structure and finder view. There are about 20 image files in each folder, but I ran this test with the folder structure collapsed - ie these files were not shown