TotalFinder Sidebar request

I just successfully updated to a new Macbook Pro with Mountain Lion. I had to use the Finder a lot to transfer files, settings and files. I noticed the finder often opened tabs without the sidebar showing. I can easy enough open it but it would be nice to be able to set Finder/TotalFinder to default to showing the sidebar. Hopefully that could be a setting available with future releases. Thanks and great program.

I would find this a nice addition. I can’t find a regular Finder setting that makes this happen now. It seems like it was a recent change that made this more prevalent. I prefer the sidebar as default.

3rd’d. Some disk images enforce this view, new windows with the sidebar and toolbar disabled and it makes me nuts. An option to “Lock sidebar/toolbar on” would be awesome and probably pretty easy to do.

If you are looking for some new features to offset 10.9 sherlocking you on tabbed view, this would fully justify continued use of TotalFinder for me.

Thanks for a great app!