TotalFinder Stopping or Crashing

In the last month or so I’m finding I have to restart TotalFinder. I think it happens after I eject external drives, go to sleep, and then wake my MBP back up. I’ve looked in the Console app and searched for TotalFinder but do not see any information regarding a crash. I do see items in the log where I start TotalFinder back up.

I’m currently running on a new MBP Retina 13" with the latest OS. I’m using v1.5.35 of TotalFinder. I migrated using TimeMachine from my old MBP and the question I can’t answer is if this started immediately after this migration or sometime later. I know I never had this type of problem on my old MBP.

Is there anything I can look for or provide that can help with troubleshooting?

What happens that you have to restart it? Whole app gets unresponsive? You could use Activity to sample where the program spends its cycles.

Please filter out all console log entries with “Finder” keyword. TotalFinder injects into Finder so for logs produced by TotalFinder would be marked as from Finder process.

You might also try to trash your in ~/Library/Preferences.

Also you could try to run Finder without TotalFinder for a while and see if you encounter this with plain Finder too.

I’m sorry, this won’t be easy to track down.

This happens to me all the time. I have no idea why, but it simply stops. It restarts fine by relaunching the app. Often it stops when there’s an update (which is almost daily), but not always. It seems to crash when the computer is sleeping, as I’ve never seen it happen.

This is happening to me as well. I just had to send my laptop in to have the logic board replaced, but they didn’t do anything to the SSD as far as I can tell. TF is crashing about a minute after I start it, even if I don’t do anything with it. Then I can start it again and it will crash again about a minute later.

OSX Mavericks 10.9.2, TotalFinder 1.5.22. Tried removing ~/library/preferences/ and did a disk permissions repair.

Here’s my system.log for today filtered down to “finder” entries.

Actually it looks like Finder itself is crashing constantly, even without TotalFinder running. Awesome. :frowning:

Maybe you might want to send me one or several of the crash reports saved from Finder. I could at least pinpoint failing library or subsystem.

For example this one:

Thanks for offering to help!

crash log

It crashed in some auxiliary thread when doing [CFPrefsSource dealloc]. CFPrefsSource has probably something to do with preference files. Unfortunately there is no stack trace available how this function was called. Maybe some other crash report can reveal more.

My theory: some plist is corrupted, when it gets loaded it corrupts CFPrefsSource instance in memory, your program crashes when it touches this instance (in this case it wanted to deallocate it).

any advice on where to go from here?

Send me a few more crash reports. Maybe it is crashing at some other points which reveal more.


Do you use Google Drive? This looks similar to crashes of other users who experienced some instability of one particular Google Drive version.

Other than that, they seem random without much info.

I do use Google Drive! I will quit it for now and see if that helps…

Just updating this thread. Still happens every single night even with a clean install of OSX. It only happens at night and only happens when connected to my external drives. If I’m traveling with the MBP running all night with no external drives then this problem doesn’t occur.

I’ve looked for a relevant file in the DiagnosticReports folder but nothing. The only Finder related messages in Console from last night include:

6/7/15 5:30:25.634 AM FinderSyncAPIExtension[655]: host connection <NSXPCConnection: 0x608000112000> connection from pid 322 invalidated
6/7/15 5:30:25.667 AM[1]: ([322]) Service exited due to signal: Terminated: 15
6/7/15 5:30:26.194 AM Finder[17601]: assertion failed: 14D136: libxpc.dylib + 62495 [D35D0DB2-D7BD-3BE4-8378-062BFE545E1D]: 0x89
6/7/15 5:30:26.641 AM Finder[17601]: objc[17601]: Class ACCFinderObject is implemented in both /Applications/Utilities/Adobe Creative Cloud/CoreSyncExtension/ and /Applications/Utilities/Adobe Creative Cloud/CoreSyncExtension/ One of the two will be used. Which one is undefined.
6/7/15 5:30:27.000 AM kernel[0]: Finder (map: 0xffffff8024089b40) triggered DYLD shared region unnest for map: 0xffffff8024089b40, region 0x7fff83a00000->0x7fff83c00000. While not abnormal for debuggers, this increases system memory footprint until the target exits.
6/7/15 5:30:28.165 AM Finder[17601]: Attempt to use XPC with a MachService that has HideUntilCheckIn set. This will result in unpredictable behavior:
6/7/15 5:30:31.000 AM kernel[0]: Sandbox: Finder(17601) System Policy: deny file-write-unlink /Users/rickaustin/Library/Saved Application State/