Totalfinder update to 1.5.19

You’re licensing detail is unclear on whether updating from v 1.5.6 to 1.5.19 is a paid update or not. It’s just a generic statement about “versions,” and I’m not sure I understand. Can you clarify? I have 1.5.6 now and it’s asking me to update and I’d like to know if it’s paid or not. I just updated in December. Thank you.

Hi, This is a regular update free of charge. In case of a paid update I would use word “upgrade” and I would stress that it is a paid update. This has never happened before. Even for people who purchased TotalFinder back in 2010 - all updates have been free so far.

Read more about my general attitude here:

When you buy a license you may freely update to all TotalFinder versions within one major OS release. For example by buying TotalFinder today you will get free updates for all versions compatible with Lion (OS X 10.7).

A new major OS release (OS X 10.8?) will probably require substantial rewrites and intensive testing. I may charge existing users an upgrade fee for a new OS. I expect it to be 50% of the full price.

FYI I have just updated the licensing page a bit. Here ^^^ was pasted the old text.