TotalFinder won't load, shows "ghost" TF on Devices list

Suddenly, after two happy years using TotalFinder, it just won’t work for me anymore. Running OS 10.8 Mountain Lion and Firefox latest version. One day, I just found that Ctl+U didn’t open the second window. Managed to uninstall TF, then download, reinstall, and it worked fine. Today, same thing, but can’t get it running this time. See image captures attached. One is an image clip of what I found when I opened the contents of the package, and looks like some clue, but I’m not an extreme tech-y so don’t know what it means.

The other is a clip of my Finder Sidebar. What is the grayed-out Total Finder line? I can find nothing on my desktop to eject, and I get no eject button on the sidebar. Thanks for any help you can provide – I REALLY MISS my TF!