TotalFinder Yosemite status

Hello all,

TotalFinder is compatible with OS X 10.10 (Yosemite - developer preview) since 1.6.1 release:

Good news is that Yosemite Finder is not that much different from Mavericks one. I had to adapt my code on few places, but generally the code is shared between those two versions.

Remaining issues, I know about:

  1. I had to disable toolbar translucency. I wasn’t able to figure out how to make it work properly with my tabs system.
  2. Tag circles on desktop items have weird shadow when Colored Labels are enabled
  3. When changing toolbar style in dual mode, there may be some visual glitches.

Thank you for helping with testing under this new OS and reporting all possible issues. I will try to iron out all the issues over next few months.


Awesome work ! Thanks !!!

Yes, great to see such a rapid response.
Unfortunately, whilst it no longer crashes whilst trying to start up I am getting up to half a minute of beachballing when I try to either use the Visor function or even click on the Finder icon in the Dock. Uninstalling TotalFinder considerably improves the Finder’s response.
I’m on 10.10 DP2 on a 2012 13" MacBook Air with 8GB of RAM with some 2.8 GB of it being sucked up by some Kernel task??!!

Looks, like you’ve encountered the same issue as people in this thread:

Should not be specific to Yosemite. I would be grad for any pointers how to resolve this bug.

Unfortunately I cannot provide specific pointers or triggers.
Just that 1.6.1 does work on Yosemite but running TotalFinder results in not only the finder being very laggy and sluggish but the entire system is affected (reacting significantly slower).
I am running 10.10 beta 2 on a MBP early 2013 with 16gig and 2.8GHz i7.

Something cosmetic: The Finder icon, when not using the original one, the left side is a little bit darker than it is on the original.

hmm well i think i already had 1.6.1 running on OSX 10.9.4 until this morning. After updating to Yosemite now OSX reported TotalFinder to be not compatible and removed it. The only chance i had is to download 1.6 which i could install but can’t start - well i can but i don’t get any settings to get an update to 1.6.1

any idea? any chance to download a 1.6.1 installer?

please download 1.6.1 here:

oh man i’ve already been on this page (of course) but haven’t seen anything due to Ghostery (Script/Ad-Blocker). sorry.

Will it stop Crashing?

OK, there does not seem to be any Yosemite preview download link. The link above takes me to a page that has a hyperlink about how to switch to the beta version. The link does not work.

The download section lists the Yosemite preview, but clicking the link takes me to the same page as above.

Did I miss something? Perhaps a new version is in the process of being uploaded, or perhaps it is by invitation only?

Ah, DoNotTrackMe was preventing it from loading. Disabling it seemed to fix the issue.

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Thanks soooo much for making the effort for Yosemite beta testers! It’s working great for me on my measly 2GB 2010 MacBook Air (with occasional external display) test machine.

Here’s an idea for for when the panick is over - Dark Mode is a little underwhelming, with Finder Windows remaining unchanged and un-darkened, which is how they looked in the keynote, so I don’t -think- Apple has plans to darken them.

IFF it’s not too much trouble, proper Dark Finder windows would be verrrry cool. Worth a paid upgrade for me…

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I can report that TotalFinder 1.6.2 is installed on my MBP with Yosemite 10.10beta1 and is working flawlessly so far. Thanks for the quick update. I’ll keep putting it through it’s paces.

FEATURE REQUEST (again): Can you add Top, Bottom, Back, Forth to the Finder Context Menu (somehow)? It would make Finder even easier to use. Yea, I know Apple has made it hard to do that. I just thought I would annoy you again, lol. Could the Finder be circumvented by adding your own Context Menu perhaps selectable with an Option Click or middle click or a click of my scroll ball on my Magic Mouse? Not sure what to do with a trackpad though.

Thanks, Jim

MacBook Pro 9.2 (Mid 2012, 13"), Intel I5 2.5 GHZ processor, 8 GB RAM, 256 GB internal SSD with Mavericks 10.9.4 and a WD Passport 1 TB external USB HD partition with Yosemite 10.10beta1

iMac 4.1 (Early 2006, 20"), model: iMac4,1, 2 GHz Intel Core Duo, 2 GB RAM, 250 GB HD, Snow Leopard 10.6.8 (yep, this original iMac is still chugging along with no problems)

Seems the upgrade to 10.10dp5 broke the 1.6.2 release. I cannot seem to load it after upgrading. Unsure at this time what is causing this. I’ll do some digging on my end to see if I can find some better debugging for this other than “it just doesn’t work” :smile:

I’m downloading the dp5 update. Will report soon.

It doesn’t work for me under DP5.

I can also confirm that the 1.6.2 release is no longer loading after installing the 10.10dp5 update.

Confirming this as well. As of 10.10 DP5, TotalFinder 1.6.2 no longer works (doesn’t load at boot and manually launching the app results in a crash).

The relevant errors (that I could find) are below:

8/5/14 9:38:28.424 PM[1]: ( Attempt to re-bootstrap service: com.binaryage.totalfinder.agent.64784
existing path = (submitted by loginwindow.66)
conflicting path = (submitted by Dock.253)

8/5/14 9:38:28.433 PM TotalFinder[365]: requesting injection into[564]
8/5/14 9:38:28.844 PM Finder[564]: TotalFinderInjector v1.6.2 received init event
8/5/14 9:38:28.855 PM Finder[564]: TotalFinder was unable to resolve 2 Finder classes. Please update TotalFinder.
8/5/14 9:38:30.831 PM TotalFinder[365]: the Finder process is terminated - nothing to do