TotalSpaces 2.4.9 - is Totally broken on Sierra

I’ve just installed Total Spaces 2.4.9 on Sierra 10.12.2.
Sierra was installed fresh- on a clean drive, not on top of a previous OS.

When I launch TS, the display comes up and tells me I have 16 desktops, and need to add more desktops, but won’t let me remove or add any desktops.

The overview grid is completely blank.

Additionally, when I click on the Apps tab, and add an App to the dialog, that app shows up in the dialog for a few seconds, then just disappears. I didn’t even have enough time to assign it to a space I wanted. WTH?

I looked through some other threads about older version and see many people have similar problems with TS. I’ve tried installing 2.39 - it has the same problems as 2.4.9.

It’s just totally unusable.

How could they release something that doesn’t even have basic functionality?

Hi cappy2112!

Did you disabled SIP?


I don’t know what that is.
If the app doesn’t tell me that I need to do something to make it run, I don’t do it

You are right at not trusting things that you are not aware of, by saying so, please find the BinaryAge page about System Integrity Protection and what to do to make TS work again.

This procedure is for both TotalSpaces and TotalFinder.


I downloaded 2.4.9 and attempted to disable SIP - rebooted with Cmd R; ran csrutil enable --without debug.
However, I get “command not found”. My reboot took several minutes and appears to be booting from the Internet.
Assistance appreciated… looking forward to using TotalSpaces2. Thanks.

Hi, I think when you get csrutil not found it means that your recovery partition is not upgraded to the latest OSX/macOS version.

If you didn’t install Sierra on your normal boot disk, perhaps this is the reason?
I’ve seen it recommended to re-install OSX/macOS to fix this - see here:

(BTW - it is naturally quite slow to boot from the recovery partition I find, so probably you aren’t booting from the network)