TotalSpaces 2.7.9 update erased all of my existing spaces



Screenshot for explanation:

  • No spaces appear in TotalSpaces preferences under the layout tab, although text there indicates that I have 16 desktops. I had 9 before the update.
  • I can’t switch spaces using TotalSpaces at all. For example, I had mapped the view overview grid functionality to a mouse button. That no longer works, and neither does the assigned hotkey.

All of this was working until precisely the moment of the update. So nothing else about the computer has changed.

Can I please downgrade? Is that possible? I’ve come to rely on (and love!) TotalSpaces.



If you revert to 2.7.7 your Spaces will miraculously reappear. Happened to me.



this problem happened the 80 % to me with both versions, so uninstall this app


The earlier releases of TotalSpaces2 are available here:

I recommend you run the uninstaller before re-installing an older version (it won’t erase your settings).

We have been investigating this issue, hope to have a resolution in the next version.


This issue still occurs on my High Sierra and TS 2.7.10…