TotalSpaces is not working at 10.12.2 update

Here is the video of the issue.

The first part is w/o TS on.

2nd you can see me turn on TS.

I’m sorry it’s a bit hard for me to see from the screen cast. Can you describe the issue?

The swiping and circulation do not work. The screen flashes but it does not switch the space.

A little more information. The problem is 4 finger swiping. If I switch it to 3 finger swipe it and turn off the system 3 finger swipe it works as expected.

I use 4 fingers in TotalSpaces2 prefs, and I have the system Trackpad prefs set to use 3 fingers for “Swipe between full-screen apps”

I have Mission Control and App Exposé set to use 3 fingers also.

Is this the config you are having trouble with?

I don’t use any of those.

Ok that’s fine. Is it so that you are able to change spaces ok using the hotkeys set in TotalSpaces2?