TotalSpaces loses settings under Yosemite

Since i moved to Yosemite, the grid settings of TS2 is reset to 2 spaces (instead of 16) after each reboot.

TotalSpaces is built on top of OSX Mission Control.

OSX should not forget how many desktops you have, something is wrong if this happens.

Do you see all your 16 desktops when you enter mission control?

I have a similar problem. I use a laptop with two monitors. When I decouple it from the second monitor and walk away with my laptop, return and plug the second monitor back in it loses its settings, thus all the background photos and space names that I laboriously configured are gone. In Mission Control I see each monitor with its set of screens displayed on the top of the screen. Any help? BTW I’m using TS2 2.2.9 and Yosemite 10.10.1
Any help?

I have heard of OSX doing this. I think it may be due to this issue

From this thread:

I am seeing the same issue. With two screens, when I reboot, TotalSpaces forgets the desktops I have set. I normally have 3, and after restarting, typically it’s back to 1. Sometimes the names are forgotten. This makes TotalSpaces rather unusable for me with Yosemite. Beyond this post, I’ve seen other experiencing the same issue. It would be really appreciated if you could make fixing this a priority. Thanks!


Well, in our defence, it’s actually OS X that deletes the spaces. But anyway, I understand it’s frustrating.

The best fix I have at the moment is we wrote a small app that can save and restore spaces configurations. So the idea is you get the spaces the way you want them and save the configuration. Then the app should be able to restore them quickly if they get deleted somehow.

You can download it here:

I would welcome any feedback.

(You must be running a licensed copy of TotalSpaces2 2.2.20 for this to work)


I’m seeing the same issue. I have a Mac Pro with a a 30" screen in front of me and 24" screen to the left. I’ve set up Total Spaces 2 with 3x3 grids of 9 desktops on each. I reboot and end up with a single desktop on the 24" left monitor and 18 desktops on the 30" main monitor.

I understand that it’s OS X deleting the spaces, but it’s breaking basic, expected functionality of TotalSpaces2.

I request that a simplified version of Display Spaces Manager functionality be integrated into TotalSpaces 2. Users don’t need to choose between multiple named configurations. They just need a “set as default configuration” button that they could press after their arrangement of spaces and wallpapers is to their liking. Then, upon application start, the configuration could be restored automatically.

I don’t consider this a new feature so much as making TotalSpaces2 behave in an expected, predictable manner.

Thanks for considering this request.

More information:

Excerpted from that thread:

Since posting this answer, I submitted this bug to Apple using my Apple
developer account on December 18, 2014. The current status of my bug
report (19299246) is “open”. I will update this answer as I track the
bug with Apple.

Thanks for the info, good that it was filed as a bug on radar.

I agree this issue has caused a lot of annoyance, and I would like to have something built in to address it.

Yes, I think named configs are not needed, just “set as default”, “restore default”, and probably a checkbox to enable auto restore when monitors change.

I’m not going to give a timetable just now, but it will be at least after WWDC.