TotalSpaces suggestion: Kernel extension to satisfy SIP

Hello! First off - I am a huge fan of TotalSpaces. It has dramatically increased my productivity both at work and otherwise.

I have been using High Sierra at work as that is the last version of macOS that supports running TotalSpaces with SIP fully enabled (after the installation procedure). My work has a strict security policy and disabling SIP is a no-go. Unfortunately, High Sierra will soon be unsupported by Apple and I’ll be forced to upgrade to Mojave or Catalina. When that time comes, I will be unable to use TotalSpaces.

Have you considered making a signed kernel extension that implements the functionality of TotalSpaces? If it’s any motivation, I would gladly pay for a new version of TotalSpaces that works with SIP.

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Apple won’t issue a kext signing cert for that purpose.

In the mean time, we are working on a new approach, watch this space…


Yes I agree with this. Disabling SIP is bad for a Macs security and it is more and more important to have these security features (Macs are being targeted more and we store more of our lives on our Macs). I would LOVE to use TotalSpaces but cannot until you can come up with a new approach. It is shame as it looks like just what I was after to really propel my productivity on the Mac. I hope you can do it!

I’ve had SIP disabled for years without any issues. I think if you know what you’re doing as far as not clicking on suspicious links in emails or on websites, run adblockers (Adguard Home) and antivirus software (Avast), scan for malware periodically with Malwarebytes, and use a firewall (Little Snitch), then you should be ok. I have too many apps, like TotalSpaces, that don’t play nice with SIP or Gatekeeper, which I’ve also had disabled for years. I wouldn’t be able to enjoy my machine if I had to turn these things on. But each to their own. Some people used to wear both a belt and suspenders as well.

Edit: I’ve only been using a mac for the last 6 years or so after using pc’s since they were first introduced by IBM back in the mid to late '70s, so that probably has something to do with me having a more cavalier attitude about this subject, and feeling a little confined by the infamous apple walled garden.

Edit2: And yes, I’m someone who used to jailbreak their iPhone as well.

Hi there…TotalSpaces is the perfect solution for what I’ve been longing for. I had read some things which led me to believe you could disable SIP, install, and then re-enable SIP and things would work. However, reading this thread makes be think this isn’t true (I’m on Catalina btw).

Assuming that is true…any update on the alternative approach you’re working on? Need any testers? I’d gladly pay double the price if I could use it with SIP on Catalina.


While I’ve had no problems with 10.15 I’d love to re-enabe SIP as well. Looking forward to this!

Thanks for the comments in this thread, yes we are working on something, it won’t be ready super soon though. As soon as I have a beta I’ll announce it.


Hi Stephen,

Still enjoying TS for productive workflows on 10.13 with SIP fully enabled. Any updates or progress on the new beta? Not trying to rush you or anything, I’m sure it’s super complicated to work around Apple’s ever-increasing limitations, but the list of installed apps no longer supporting 10.13 is starting to get longer, and I’m sure it will only accelerate in the era of 10.16. Going to hold out as long as I can on this old Mac Pro but sure would love a solution in the next year or two. Whatever you charge for the new version I’m paying it lol.

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It’s been over 6 months… any news?

Sorry nothing to announce. If we get something viable I’ll post it.