Totalspaces switches one step back if switching to fast

i have 4 spaces in one row (1,2,3,4).
Left, on Space-1 is Xcode open, on Space-2 the Xcode documentation Window, Space-3 and 4 are empty.

if i moving fast from rightmost space (4) to the leftmost (1) using the keyboard, after arriving at Space-1 and ending the navigation after the third key-press, totalspaces switches unintentionally one step back to space nr 2, to the Documentation Window.

this occurs only if i changing spaces enough fast, and only if the documentation window is open.

Totalspaces 2.0.10
OS X 10.9 (13A598)
MacBookPro6,2 i7-2.66GHz

I understand the problem, it happens after a switch to a space and activate the front application, and that front application is slow and finishes activating after you have moved to the next space. It then steals the focus and initiates an incorrect space change.

We have a plan to fix this by not activating the frontmost app when you are just passing through a space, hopefully this should be in the next release.