TotalSpaces v2.2.19 Mission Control vs Toggle Expose with hot corner

I’m using TotalSpaces2 and system’s Mission Control with hot corners in the following scenario:
Total Spaces:

  • Lower left corner: Show overview grid
  • Upper right corner: Toggle expose

Misson control:

  • Upper left corner: Application Windows
  • Upper right corner: Misson Control
  • Lower right corner: Desktop

Previous operation:
When i go to upper right corner, mission control comes up. When i go again to the top right corner (without clicking to any window), mission control goes away, like when i hit F3 and F3 again.
When i’m in total spaces’s overview grid view and i’m hitting the upper right corner, overview grid changes to expose view. Thats’s i want.

Current operation:
When i’m first hitting the upper right corner, the mission control activates, but when i’m hitting it again, mission control control closes, and total spaces expose view coming up. So, now, i can’t deactivate mission control with triggering the upper right corner again.

Can we get back the old option: “Toggle expose in overview grid” instead of the current “Toggle expose”?

Ok yes having Mission Control and Toggle Expose on the same corner would be an invalid setup.

I understand what you want, there just isn’t any config for that at the moment. It might be possible to have an option to disable single desktop expose entirely - is that sufficient?

Yes. I’m using expose view only when i’m in spaces view.