TotalSpaces with Wacom Pen Tablets


I’m trying the trial version of the product. Good stuff - Back to good old days!

Everything seems to work great with mouse but not that great with Wacom Intuos Pen Tablet.

The thing is that it’s almost impossible to click a window thumbnail in Instant Expose. It seems the pen just grabs the thumbnails.

I’m usually using pen tip for clicking but the weird thing is that even if i set one of the pen’s buttons to “left click” the issue remains.

I haven’t experienced similar issues clicking on any other stuff on my screen so i assume this is some kind of issue within TotalSpaces. The only workaround i found was to use BetterTouchTool to make mouse click event by pressing fn-key and pen button simultaneously. Fn-key+pen tip doesn’t work.

Would be nice to know if this “bug” or issue will be fixed. Would be more than happy to purchase this great product if so!

We aren’t doing anything special with the mouse handling as far as I know. And I don’t have a wacom I can test with unfortunately - I’m sorry I don’t think we can promise to fix this.

You can also create an application specific setting for TotalSpaces2 in the Wacom settings pane of system preference and then assign one of the pen buttons to “Double Click”. This has worked for me most of the time but a while back I created a custom macro in Keyboard Maestro that adds a very short delay (due to a bug in TotalSpaces that has since been squashed)

I also assigned another pen button to Modifier > Shift which zooms the window under the mouse cursor while the button is pressed without selecting that space.

Thanks for your replies Stephen and iMachine.

I still wanted to point out that when i’m using normal osx expose with the pen it works perfectly normal. I can either click a window to activate it or hold the pen tip down and drag it to other space.

For me it looks like the built in osx expose waits for the mouse/pen to to move a bit on the x or y axis (with the button pressed down) before it’s actually activating the drag function. You can even of see a small “twitch” when you start dragging the windows.

Hope this helps to make your product even better :slight_smile: