TotalSpaces2 blinks and doesnt work after MacOS restart

When MacOS starts TotalSpaces doesn’t work:

  1. shortcuts to desktops don’t work ;
  2. Overview grid / Instant Expose / Single desktop expose don’t work ;
    Works only selecting desktop from the menu bar.
    And screen blinks (black background / background image) - it lasts about a second. During the blink there is beachball on TotalSpaces’ icon in menu bar.
    Usually after a few minutes of “blinking” and “not working” - TotalSpaces2 starts to work and until the next restart everything works fine.

iMacPro, MacBookPro (Late 2017)
MacOS: 10.13.3
TotalSpaces2: 2.6.21

Sounds like there is a problem with the connection to the system app causing it to retry several times.

I wonder if you can try this version?

It has a small fix that might help in this case.

I tried this:

  1. I closed TS2 ;
  2. I have overridden the old version with this new package from the link ;
  3. I started TS2 again and checked - I have now 2.6.22.
  4. screen started to blink when I wanted to use shortcut or Instant Expose. Only menu bar switching desktops works.
    Nothing changed. The restart of TS2 generates these problems.

After a long time I see that version 22 is worse than 21. Nothing is working even after a long time.

I don’t know what the issue is, perhaps you can send some diagnostics?

Please follow the instructions here: