TotalSpaces2 "Fixed" to buggery

You’ve apparently contracted a disease similar to the one that Apple began suffering from around the time they dropped “spaces” from OS X. Totalspaces worked just fine, but, since that’s no longer supported, I now have to go and learn a whole new way of moving stuff around between spaces. I found the ability to grab a window’s title bar and move it to another space to be simple, intuitive and highly functional. TotalSpaces2 has apparently lost this really useful ability, or else it’s enabled by some arcane incantation that I have not yet been able to divine.

Seriously, guys, was this truly necessary? Mac OS is handicapped enough as it is. You gotta go and break it even more?


It works for me:

(1) Click and hold on a window’s titlebar
(2) Press keyboard shortcut to switch to a space (OPT + 1-9 for me)
(3) Held window moves with you to the new space

How were you moving windows from space to space before?

Also, you might get better results if you dropped the sarcasm when asking for help. I have found the two guys behind BinaryAge to be nothing but helpful and not really deserving of this sort of nonsense.

It works for me too with dragging windows and the files themselves on OSX 10.9.x between Spaces ( not checked on 10.10 yet )
But I don’t remember the goal of the finder Spaces nor the TotalSpaces2’s utility. Probably because I use it always.
In fact I hate the way they, at Apple, transform their Mac OS.
A good tool ( well, a patch) I found for Yosemite’s too thin fonts… that are hurting my eyes :

In TotalSpaces2 you can drag windows left and right to the adjacent spaces (same as you can without TotalSpaces2 running).

Unfortunately it wasn’t possible to enable dragging windows up and down since OSX 10.9.

However, in compensation, we made a hotkey for that - the “move current window” hotkeys will allow you do to the same thing.

And finally, you can drag windows from space to space in the Overview Grid.