TotalSpaces2 hot corners block system settings

Thanks for restoring the grid to post-Snow Leopard OSX. However…

I have had two of the system hot corners set to ‘screensaver now’ and ‘no screensaver’ for about as long as the option has been available. But TS2 is being greedy and saying ‘mine!’ without offering the system pref as an option.

Greedy isn’t nice; is there some way to either add capabilities to the TS2’s hot corners or turn off the TS2’s hot corners so the system options function. Another alternative that really falls under the first one would be to either have ‘-’ mean ‘use the system choice’ or to add an explicit choice of ‘Use the system pref for this corner’.

Thank you.

If you select “-” then TotalSpaces2 will do nothing when the mouse reaches that corner - so whatever the system is configured to do should continue to work.

So TS2 is certainly not intended to block any system hotcorner action in this case. For instance, I use the Show Desktop system function for my bottom left corner, and this continues to work.

There is definitely something awry if your system hotcorners do not work when you have the same TotalSpaces2 corner set to “-”.

The only case when system hotcorners would not work is when the overview grid is showing. (And this doesn’t apply to the screensaver hotcorner - that should work even when the grid is showing.)